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National Transmission, family-owned since 1979, offers over 50 years of combined automotive expertise. Our shop is located in Houston TX and offers repair services for all types of import & domestic vehicles. National Transmission & Auto Care hires qualified and skilled technicians and our clients receive great Peace of Mind warranty protection on all the vehicles we service and repair. Our shop specializes in the service, repair, and diagnosis of transmissions.

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Transmission Specialists Houston National Transmission realizes that our customers in the greater Houston area rely on and need their vehicles for all types of transportation purposes. From driving to and from work each day around the roads of Houston, taking children to school, running errands, and all that happens in life in between. Unfortunately, when a vehicle is in need of repair, oftentimes finding an alternative mode of transportation is not easy, particularly in Houston. When an unfortunate situation happens with a vehicle, the experts at National Transmission are ready to help. Our technicians are ready to perform the most thorough of inspections and troubleshooting procedures to provide only the most accurate of diagnoses.

When it comes to transmissions, National Transmission is considered by many to be the very best transmission shop in Houston. Transmissions are one of, if not the most complicated systems in a vehicle. With hundreds of parts, transmission problems can be very hard to repair, let alone diagnose problems. That is why we advise our customers that before they install a brand-new transmission by a general auto repair shop in Houston, allow one of our experts to inspect it first. Quite often the root of the problem with a transmission is a minor to simple fix and definitely less expensive than a new transmission.

National Transmission values each one of our customers. From the very first moment, a customer drives a car or truck into our Houston auto repair shop, we want to earn their trust. The goal of National Transmission is to offer only the services and repairs needed for a vehicle, and not any that are not required. Our team understands and realizes the important role vehicles play in our customers' lives and as such we are dedicated to ensuring they get the most accurate, affordable, and precise diagnosis and repair possible. When considering the complicated tools and equipment to repair a vehicle, National Transmission only uses the best available and hires only well-trained and certified technicians and specialists.

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